Saturday, September 24, 2016


The other day, a friend asked what body parts I was going to exercise in the gym.

I corrected him. I said I was going to Train my chest.

He asked if that wasn't simply the same as exercising my chest and I said "no."

To me, exercise is what an old lady does in front of the tv to a Jane Fonda video in hopes of working off a piece of cheesecake.

Training, however, involves commitment and a plan. I train. I meticulously track every set and chart progress. I look to see where I'm improving and where I'm lacking.

Training holds the expectation of improvement; a much higher expectation than mere exercise.

I accept that I may ache for days after, but still go in the next day to make another part of my body better.

Training means sacrificing time, sacrificing money for high quality food, staying hungry to cut to last few pounds of fat off the midsection.

Training is a lifestyle.

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