Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Worth of a Man

I'm a man, just like millions of other men.

I'm blood and muscle. 
I'm a tool that my government would exploit. 
I am taxes to the IRS. I am property taxes to my city.
Am I worth more to my country paying taxes or am I worth more sent to other countries job killing other men? 

I'm a brain.
I prostitute myself to my employer to put crumbs on the table.
I am productive and can continue to earn my wages as long as I make money for the man that owns the company.

I'm a penis.  I am a sperm factory churning out millions of the little cells a day. 
I am projected  2.5 children that keeps society at zero population growth but is enough to keep humans in existence. 

My life has value; to my government, my employer, my society.  
But the only one that gives a damn whether I live or die is me because there are millions of men just like me.