Thursday, November 15, 2018


It’s been a boring week food-wise.

Dropped the body fat I gained from the travels and now on a controlled bulk.

Heavy weightlifting and pounds of grilled meat and leafy greens every day. And fiber. Lots of fiber.

Not picture worthy. Not fun to eat either.

But setting new personal weightlifting records for last 2 weeks. For example: 2 weeks ago, my barbell squat record was 275 pounds. Last week, did 295. Today, did 305 for 2 sets of 3. Good form too.

The sacrifices one makes for sports... BTW I’m wearing gym shorts in picture.
They’re just pulled up.

Challenges of Being Male

Every day I check the mirror for errant hairs. 


But it’s true. 

The more I lose on the top of my head, the more that sprout on my body where I really don’t want them. 

And I have to check every day! They appear, fully formed an inch long on my ears; on shoulders; wherever. 

They weren’t there yesterday. How is it there today and an inch long? 

If they’d only migrate to my scalp....