Friday, October 13, 2017

My Day

Spent most of the day loading Windows updates on the servers. Mind numbing job. 

What a relief to go to gym after work for back training. Really felt good. 

Stopped by CVS to pick up a prescription. Hate that I had to change drug store because of insurance. Don’t like CVS. 

They didn’t have any medicine in stock so I had to go to another store. 

On the way to second store, picked up asparagus, fruit, tomatoes, and shrimp to cook for my dinner. 

Then went to Chinese restaurant for Hubby’s dinner. Took about 30 minutes to get to second CVS. 

Second Store didn’t have script ready. I must have looked a bit perturbed because they rushed to fill script. 

Had to wait for a person to write a check. Can you believe people still write checks? 

Another delay with Hubby’s food getting cold and me still needing to cook mine. 

Did I mention that I don’t like CVS? 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Maybe Someday

I wish progress came more rapidly. 
I know! I know! Don’t we all? 
I keep a spreadsheet with measurements. Update it each quarter. 
In May, flexed bicep was 15.5 inches. Yesterday it was 15.75 inches. 
So much hard work for a quarter of an inch that in reality could be a 
measurement anomaly. 
Oh well; back to the gym. Going to hit 17 inches someday.