Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ice storm

Let me start by saying that I tend to sleep on top of the covers. Bare ass naked without even a sheet.

To say I'm hot natured is an understatement.

But this morning, about 3:00, I woke up extremely cold. I looked around and the house was completely dark. No street light glow peaking from behind the curtain. No alarm clock with its telltale blue numbers. No hum of the fan on the furnace.

It took a moment for my sleep addled brain to comprehend what was going on. The only sound was a steady tapping on the windows.

I got up; looked out. Sleet covered the driveway, grass and sidewalk. No power. Not the way I wanted to start a Saturday.

I went back to bed and yes pulled the covers up tight. I was ready to hunker down for a long cold night.

I'm happy to say the power came back on by the time I woke again at 8:00. I had kicked the cover off and the house was toasty.

Thank goodness for the dedicated employees of the power company. Just hope they keep that electricity humming the rest of the weekend.

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