Saturday, December 17, 2016

I Swept the Deck

I swept the leaves off the deck; mulched them and put them in a bin to be hauled off. So proud and I didn't have to hire a professional.

Let me go back to a conversation between Hubby and me a few days ago…

Hubby - There are bunches of leaves on the deck. It's a real mess.

Me - Yeah, I haven't had time or available bins to put the leaves in. I concentrated on the front yard so the Christmas decorations would look better without a bunch of leaves all over the yard.

Hubby - Well we need to hire a professional to get the leaves off the deck.

Me - A professional?

Hubby - Yes, a professional. It's such a mess there has to be a professional who can get the leaves off the deck. I just don't see another way.

Me - A professional… Today, could you take a broom and sweep the leaves off the deck?

Hubby - No, they need to be gotten up. I don't know. They need to be gone somehow.

Me - Like with the vacuum mulcher that I use in the front yard?

Hubby - Maybe. But they need to go away. We need a professional.

Me - If you sweep the leaves off the deck, I can mulch and bag them. The city will pick them up on Tuesday. They come every week.

Hubby - No, no. We need a professional. This is too big a job for us.


It took less than 5 minutes to sweep and about 10 minutes to mulch the leaves. I guess that makes me a professional. Wonder how much I can charge…

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